1. Letlive side stage wheyyyyyy

  2. Who else out there pretty much definitely knows this will album will be in their top 5 of 2014 already? Cutslikeaknife. #sunkilmoon

  3. I’ll miss our bed window greenery when we move.

  4. Umm…are you going to Chiswick, train?

  5. Rocking my own t-shirt #notsad

  6. Everyone should go to @2000trees. Here’s a picture of @gnarwolvespunx just to accompany this statement.

  7. The only two photos I managed to take at sonisphere before my phone knonked oot.


  8. If I ever have a granddaughter, I hope that when I tell her stories of sexism and sexual harassment in 2014 that she will be utterly dismayed and flabbergasted, because that will mean it won’t be the norm anymore.


  9. johnnyhorshack:

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  10. Album Review: Pariso and Svalbard - Collaborative Split LP


    imageA love affair between two of the UK’s greatest bands in hardcore right now, Pariso and Svalbard, has resulted in this, a collaborative split LP of epic proportions. Hold that thought for a second…not a split EP, but a COLLABORATIVE SPLIT LP! This offspring of their relationship combines all their talents, ideas and efforts to make a record with the best DNA possible. As well as individual tracks from both bands, this album (yes, this is an album) features two collaborative songs. Both showcase how smoothly this pairing is.

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    Well Already Heard awarded the Svalbard/Pariso split a healthy 4.5 out of 5!