1. Went to the good old trusty natural history museum tonight.


  2. Ryan Adams at The Roundhouse

    Review by Katie Malcolmson for London In Stereo.

    Read here: http://www.londoninstereo.com/ryan-adams-live-review/

  3. Letlive side stage wheyyyyyy

  4. Who else out there pretty much definitely knows this will album will be in their top 5 of 2014 already? Cutslikeaknife. #sunkilmoon

  5. I’ll miss our bed window greenery when we move.

  6. Umm…are you going to Chiswick, train?

  7. Rocking my own t-shirt #notsad

  8. Everyone should go to @2000trees. Here’s a picture of @gnarwolvespunx just to accompany this statement.

  9. The only two photos I managed to take at sonisphere before my phone knonked oot.


  10. If I ever have a granddaughter, I hope that when I tell her stories of sexism and sexual harassment in 2014 that she will be utterly dismayed and flabbergasted, because that will mean it won’t be the norm anymore.